Principal Message

Nightingale college for Girls has been putting its best efforts in educating the girl students since 2003. The aim is to liberate oneself from orthodoxy, obscurity of vision, wilderness of thoughts, rigidity of mind and negative cerebral tendencies. Nightingale College for Girls has given a new dimension to learning. It is a place of learning where girls are making themselves acquainted with every aspect of society. It is only education which makes life meaningful. The N.C.G. provides not only the best of education but along with that, the college parries the girls with every skill and knowledge which is desirable so that the students could apply color to the needs of the society.

If one girl is educated then the whole world naturally becomes educated and the world moves ahead in the journey of progress and development. N.C.G. is doing its best in imparting sound knowledge to girls. One could serve its purpose best only when it has remarkable outcomes. So, in this way N.C.G’s brilliant academic result is not hidden from the public view. You educate a man, you educate a man/ you educate a woman; you educate a generation.

In our college, the students are exposed to various issues through workshops, Seminars, Presentations and lectures. Education tours are conducted to give wider exposure so that they are not confined to text books only. Our Institute is well equipped with labs, libraries etc.

We motivate students to participate in all the Co-curricula activities of the college. These activities help in shaping their personalities. Our mission is to inculcate love for knowledge which eventually will make them a better citizen. The roots of our foundation are immensely strong so that after completing education here, the students can face their future with courage, determination and perseverance.

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. We have come a very long way in our journey of imparting quality education by following the trends and through constant modifications we are keeping out spirits high.

To provide adequate means to face the challenges of life to the present generation and to the coming posterity, the veteran personalities of Alwar, Dr. P.S. Agarwal (Retd. CM and HO), Dr. Indira Agarwal Retd. Principal from Alwar, renowned industrialists Sh. Hari Ram Garg, Sh. Deendayal Gupta, Sh. Tara Chand Gupta and Sh. Gopl Kishan felt the long standing need to have a college for girls in the city of Alwar. As a result the college was founded in March 2003 to Impart quality education.


Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma